Festive Wreaths for Autumn

September 27, 2018 8:21 am

Autumn is here! Give your front door some flair with a festive fall wreath. With a little work and a trip to your local craft store, you can use these ideas to create something unique.

Asymmetrical Wreath

Image via artsychicksrule.com

Using a wreath form, greenery, leaves and other fall items, hot glue your décor to one side of the wreath. View the full tutorial here.

Chalkboard Wreath

Image via countryliving.com

Paint the bottom of a tray with chalkboard paint. Next, use a glue gun to attach some autumn leaves and other fall greenery. This wreath can even double as a holiday wreath for the coming season by swapping in holly and evergreen. View more here.

Pinecone Wreath 

Image via hisugarplum.com

Using a blank wreath form, hot glue mini pinecones to cover it and attach a ribbon at the top. Add a special touch by using cinnamon-scented pinecones to greet your guests with the smell of fall! Learn more here. Additionally, you can do the same technique using acorns.

Brass Thumbtack Wreath 

Image via rosyscription.com

Pair the warmth of gold and copper colors together with this beautiful wreath. Using a foam wreath form and several boxes of brass tacks, begin to push the tacks into the foam until the entire form is covered. Hang using a copper or other fall colored ribbon. See the full tutorial here.

For more festive autumn wreath ideas, click here.

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